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Screaming in Silence

by Eternal Closure

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I see you sleepwalking, all I see is empty faces Realizing their life until now meant about nothing What does it take to light the fire Not only step out of line but break it When is it too late to fight The fate that you've been given Don't regret, don't regress Move forward, don't fail the test Don't give them what they expect Follow yourself and leave the rest I'm tired of being strong on my own So follow me and come alive Years passed Faster than you grew for your whole life And now's the time to turn the tide Now's the time to turn the tide Years passed Faster than you grew for your whole life And now's the time to grow some pride Now's the time to grow some pride Take back your soul Maybe it's not easy, maybe you think you're well Your world feels safe and warm It's an illusion You're afraid of failure, afraid of your future But it's the only way, that you don't die bitter I'm tired of being strong on my own So follow me and come alive Let me hear your voice Let me feel the strength within you Show us who you really are Pull the trigger Don't waste your life away, overcome your apathy Blow their minds, blow their minds Make them remember Make your farewell mean something
The Mirror 03:02
This ain't the first time I've tried to find Easier ways to keep my precious time Hoping for something out of sight That keeps me restless at night May I tell you a tale but without fairies? I've traveled for so long, I'm falling on my knees Being tired of living affects my mental health But one day I'll break all these iron belts I can't keep calm, it's a disaster (I can't breathe), I'm suffocating I take pleasure in seeing me Crying in the mirror If you're here just to judge me then get the fuck out (get the fuck out!) I already know normality isn't what I'm made of Forgive me if I need no help 'Cause I've seen lights too many times at the end of the tunnel Forgive me if I need no love 'Cause no doctor can understand what this illness is about Nothing else's interesting, understand? This mirror shows me I'm twins with shame Kind of rude but worth the pain to see it ‘cause this mirror is... My life Save me! Nothing else's interesting, understand? This mirror shows me I'm twins with shame Worth the pain to see it ‘cause this mirror is... My life, my life, my life, my life…
No One Cares 03:18
We tought That we were Cursed for a lifetime Burried six feet under ground When will the fucking storm pass away? Where will we land? Where will we stay? Should we now forgive ourselves and pray? Or should we try to act like choice’s preys? We tried so hard too many times To get through this ridiculous nightmare How long ‘til we see that no one cares (No one cares!) We’re seeing it all burning down to ashes People act no more consciously Wasting all of their sympathy In something useless that no one cares (No one cares!) Something we call misconceptions But when Games are set And when the sky Shines in darkness all above Yes, obviously There’s gonna be no turning back Yes, obviously Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide But, previously We tought we were ready to attack And now, we won’t be free But agreeing to show our lack of pride (Our lack of pride) Now our time has come to know where it came from The origins of this storm now at its best form Nothing lasts forever, but where’s the answer? Can we become smarter? Nor succumb to this cancer This cancer This cancer There’s no answer
Wake up Dead 03:54
I'm cryogenic Mostly Curtains eclipse me Wake up dead Covered in sorrows Roast me Found out and costly I'm blood red Neither diminished nor empowered A right of way condemned A sickly path for those who cower, a bitter end I must’ve lost it, maybe I was never born to care Though I feel fucked up daily I don’t have two fucks to spare So far don’t listen to me I didn’t mean it all World’s ending, what’s it to me? I’m sheltered from the call Feel like the only with dialectic incidence Blinded to evidence Betrayed my circumstance Tell me (tell me) who the fuck’s asking anyways (anyways) I don’t recall being probed Who's left to see me crawling Upon my armchair, sprawling Surfing the cavities with In-season satire and wit High on rightful truths Arguments ensued Lost my welcome stay Won the right to say I was right You were wrong Fuck your meek subjections A comedy of self Spit guile and deprecate My own and lonely hell My throne dilapidated Complicated Haughty peace of mind Complicated Severed piece of mind
Apathy 05:25
Today they fed me their pills And I no longer feel the pain Today they fed me their pills And now I always feel the same I used to feel sorrow, inside of my soul That I could not heal, I could not control (I can't heal, I can't control) I came to believe that I could not depend On life getting better before it would end Then they fed me their goddamn pills And they told me I'd be okay I was told, come whatever may I'd stay sane if I always stayed the Same today, tomorrow and always Apathy - killing me (I carry on, I carry on, I carry on in) Agony Life lived in short breaths As I wait for death Wonder as I wake How much more I can take Sentenced without trial To live in denial Of my need for change And now I always feel the Same today, tomorrow and always Apathy - killing me I carry on but carry nothing in my heart And to think that I asked for help What I got was depency to a profit collected by self-serving salesmen of fictional health But I no longer feel the pain But now I always feel the same Life, as the keeper of my hope That I might well learn to cope With the death I die each day Now replaced by apathy As the keeper of my fear Binds my mind and keeps me here I forgot the reasons why I would ever live or die
I Won't Fall 04:36
Don't try to hide your intentions Don't sugarcoat your endeavor Any way you paint them All these words they sound the same Keep your hopes and dreams to yourself Accept they're different than mine All these words they sound the same Your fall is not my fault Your hell is perception Why live eternal Why live eternal How many times have you reached towards the sky What purpose did it serve you to believe? I won't fall I won't fall for this Preaching perfection Then wiping it away Blindly trusting every bullshit That comes your way Then you feel justified to criticize my balance Forget about it In my mind it stays the same Why live eternal If you're so miserable Why live eternal If you don't live at all
Drift Away 04:30
I'll be setting sail And I won't come back All these thousand fears I'm leaving behind All these thoughts spiraling In my mind All this time wondering Where am I? Oh... Farewell, now I can fly Hear me out Since I know I can fight I'll simply keep my eyes closed And drift away One thing in mind, it's my time to shine All I know is that I'm gonna break free A new day is born and it won't die Upon this dawn I'll survive 'til the night I've got my ideals No matter how much they're meaningless to you I don't need your judgement It's not enough to bring me down Keep all your critics dead Now the path is open and I'm heading out alone I can't believe the unreal Torn and shattered from the start I won't feel alone, down or broken Inside me is blowing a hurricane That took me off the shore And made me ask for more Thrill Oh! With fire in my eyes (even bleeding) I refuse to sink (drifting away) Making decisions and never regretting them I left off with nothing in mind, no hesitation I've never been this tested in all of my life I'll simply keep my eyes closed And drift away (I'll simply keep my eyes closed and drift away) It's my time to shine and I'm gonna break free
Hold on to the past Try to make it last You used to underestimate the force of time You used to feel a sorrow inside of your soul That now you can heal and managed to control I see you listened very well what you were told And now you can't rely on anybody to give you a mold You've seen torturing You've seen suffering Your eyes saved these pictures Tamed to silence Damned by science To unproven cultures Another sad day (Saw the sunset fade away) To let the night play (With its sins) Memories fade Just like consciousness (So live a timeless existence) Hear me out (hear me out) You'll be safe and sound (So live a timeless existence) What you do with the gift of life Determines who you are Pray for the end or Straighten up, keep it up
Survive 13:42
I-SURVIVE You have a chance to rise again Stand for what you believe in It crashes down once again Why is everything falling Pain from inside seemed so long gone But pain from outside can't leave you alone Stay behind the curtain Boom Deception Boom Possession Boom Creation of false truth to raise a war Can't find The things to say Inner strength is falling in slow motion Can't seem To find a way Can't believe violence is the only way to survive Here we go once again Standing still while it passes Why is it crashing down again Ripping hope from the masses I, Set myself for failure I, Tried to fix the world I, Went through hell for people I'm not even sure worth saving Fuck Is it still worthy of screaming If it's screaming in silence (Working out your issues can only end... with a gun) Peace will come back Until war shall rise again Here I stand for the last time I can't fight, anymore Exhausted from all this war Turn the knife, pull the life From someone who did what's right (What's worth of screaming if it's screaming in silence) The only way to survive II-DIE I want to be heard Don't want to be hurt My peaceful ways Got the best of me I've lost it all Trying to be sane The one who stood for hope Received the most pain Wash the tears fom my eyes Tell me it will be okay For so long I have survived Maybe it's my time to die Can't fight anymore Exausted from this war I've changed my ways Now I'll be okay I feel alive III-RESURRECT Behold my resurrection Behold my transformation I will suffer no more I will suffer no more Abandoned words for action Abandoned all compassion Pragmatic way of thinking Found what I was searching Bow down before me It is your only way Destruction all around me Broken men all around me I used to be like them I chose the better way The ask me to be peaceful I ask them to be grateful This chaos is regretful But that chaos is mine It's worth nothing of screaming You're screaming in silence Bow down before me It is your only way Open the curtain If you won't join my side I will find you, I will destroy you I resurrect from the dead With a sense of purpose and strength Now I am boundless Now I am fearless Or is it all in my head Now I ask myself, am I faceless Am I still naive Only from a different side Could I go back And find this not the end And end this war No It's now too late To rebuild what's broken Is this really my fate To be hurt, to be scared,feeling This is the end This not the end From the bottom of my heart I'm calling Upon your forgiveness and belief Of this monster, I am now free With this violence, I'm now at peace I know I can't have everything (For the sun to rise I will need to embrace the night) I find the things to say My strength is growing back I seem to find my way Now I will do more than survive


First album from Eternal Closure, a metalcore band from montreal, QC.


released July 15, 2016

Eternal Closure is:
Maxime Lepage on Lead Vocals
Olivier Boitel on Lead Guitar/Clean Vocals
Carlos Da Costa on Rhythm Guitar/Scream Vocals
Jonathan Lauzon on Bass
Alexandre Dagenais on Drums

Produced by Christian Donaldson and Eternal Closure
Gang Vocals performed by Eternal Closure
Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Grid
Artwork by Orbital Crown Graphic Design
Screaming In Silence written and performed by Ludovick Daoust

We wanna thank Joshua, Paolo, Chris, Marc-o, Roberto, Ludovick and everyone else who had even a slight part into the making of this album. It is the first big step into a long headbanging career. Comme diraient Chris et Marc-o: JOUE PLUS FORT!

Copyright Eternal Closure 2016


all rights reserved



Eternal Closure Montreal, Québec

Eternal Closure is a six-piece, female-fronted metal band from Montréal, Québec. They stand out from the heavy local scene with their unique blend of aggressive riffs, versatile vocals and epic melodies, inspired from various sub-genres such as metalcore, progressive metal and djent. Their hard work and dedication are only matched by their excessive love for cats. ... more


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